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8 ways to make a Superb video from your Mobile Phone

By siddhant on June 05, 2019
Nowadays it's not a big deal to get a mobile phone with a good resolution camera. They are so cheap, but still, some people can take good videos and some don't. Today I will give you tips and tricks on how to make superb videos.

1.Good Lighting 

Lighting is a very essential factor in videos. Bad lighting can cause blurry and shaky videos. You can get cheap portable lights on Amazon.

2. Stay Steady

Keeping steady lets you take sharp and crisp photos so make sure you're not shaking your phone when taking videos.

3.The Audio Matters as Much as the Video

Audio is an important factor of the video, if the audio is not clear then no one will see your video even if your video is superb. 

4. Avoid Vertical Video Syndrome

Vertical videos are not so good because vertically you can not capture the maximum scene. Horizontally you can capture the maximum part of the scene.

5. Make the aspect ratio wider

By making the aspect ratio wider(e.g. 21:9) you can make the video more cinematical.

6. Edit with good filters

Good filters in your video will be more attracted to the eyes of viewers. 

7. Put Slow motions

Slow motion makes your video cinematic and will add suspense to the video.

8. Be Prepared For Shoots

You have to be always prepared for the shoot because you can get a good shot at any instance of time.

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