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Assam & Meghalaya Tour

By siddhant on June 05, 2019

INDIA is a very beautiful place you can find everything in India. You can fulfill all the needs of traveling, it will give you the pleasure of joy. So, Today I will tell you about my ASSAM & MEGHALAYA visit in India for peace, so be ready to start your journey of the tour with me, It will be good if all of you fell it with me. Lets Start!

First Part, It is one of my best tour with nature. This tour made me love with it and I hadn't taken any photo their I make myself lost with nature their I had visited the waterfall which is flowing between the trees and the mountains and it was mesmerizing and I loved it by watching it for 1 hour my eyes became like diamond and after that I had visited the caves which were originally from ancient time and it was so good. 

I had done trekking for full one day and it was the best time of my life and dream also their i had visited double-decker bridge which is made of roots I had crossed many bridges which was so small and made by only human efforts and made over very big rivers and at last I reached the waterfall which was coming from ice it was so child and clear like crystal on that day I came to know that the pure water looks like this-this is the first part of my tour where we lived in a hotel.

The second part of my tour is where I lived in Riverside camps on Bangladesh border it was my best part of the tour. First time I lived in camps and there is only one switch for phone charging so no one is using their phones and all are enjoying the nature their I had done cliff jumping and zip lining and I had also  drive kaiki it is a boat which we have to drive with the sticks it is like rafting and it is the best thing far better than our cars it takes stamina  a lot but then also it is so good. I always remain in the river there and it was so child it makes our kin pure and seriously now while writing this article I got lost in that tour and on that tour, I had FOMO that what happens when I will leave this place.

Sometimes I fell I would ubiquitous so that I can visit every place any time. Seriously I want to Rekindle my ASSAM & MEGHALAYA moments. That's all my retorts about ASSAM & MEGHALAYA Tour thanks to being with me.

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