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Dark Web Vs Deep Web

By Sonal Parmar on June 12, 2019
We all use the internet and enjoy surfing on google. But there exists a part of the internet that is not accessible by Google or our standard search engines and considered as the dark side of the internet.

The deep and dark web has been conflated in public discourse.

Dark Web is a collection of IP address that may require specific software to access them. The website is characterized by their use of encryption software that makes its users and locations anonymous. The users can withhold their identity; the owners of illegal websites can hide their location, i.e data can be transferred anonymously. The domains end with ".onion" majorly accessed by using TOR (The Onion Router)Browser. The Dark Web is not completely illegal, thou there exists a market where people sell all type of information by remaining completely hidden. Leaking such details and info is why the dark web is considered harmful and illegal.

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Deep Web contains Internet content that is not searchable by our standard search engines. These are places on the web that cannot be accessed by search engines but can be accessed if you have an address. It covers the part of the website such as password-protected email account, paid subscription services like Amazone prime, Netflix or sites which are accessed after sign up or logins. When you search a specific topic on a search engine, its search is limited navigated. It won't give you the links that are deep inside the website even if your search is specific. You have to go through websites to find a particular link. This may include research papers, medical papers, and companies personal data and may not be accessible directly by search engines.

On a general note, using or accessing Dark web won't any cause harm but it needs to be dealt with carefully. 

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