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Double Tree By HILTON: The First Hotel to send Cookie DOUGH and OVEN to the ISS To Bake Space Cookie

By Harshit Satyaseel on June 28, 2019

Space is an amazing place to explore. Over the decades of human explorations, we have sent so many objects out there, for instance, Lego figurines, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, Text messages, Sound recordings of noises made on earth, Pizza, Dog, and even a Car. Now, its time to cook some food in no air region. Sounds overwhelming and astonishing at the same time right! Well, fortunately, it is going to be true not just the imagination anymore.

Recently, in a press released information, senior vice president and brand head of DoubleTree by Hilton, Shawn McAteer quoted the following.

“Hilton has long been an industry innovator, and as we celebrate our 100th year, we’re excited to send our hospitality into orbit. 
He further said that the hotel will send Cookie. To be more precise, this cookie is a simple gesture cookie of the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton which is famous for welcoming the guest and is remarkably popular across the globe. Furthermore, he shared his opinion that it is their honor to serve and demonstrate their hospitality to the International Space Station(ISS) which is basically a part of their experiment aboard.

Image credit: Hilton/NASA/Shutterstock

Traveling is full of excitement and when you are served with a warm welcome then it makes all the difference. It doesn't matter whether you're traveling for your work or on vacation. you'll always admire the warm chocolate chip cookie. Therefore, Doubletree has pronounced to make this dream come true by sending first chocolate chip cookie dough to space, aboard the International Space Station.

Just imagine, a warm melted chocolate cookie Wow! Who doesn't want to have them just the right amalgamations of ingredient prepared perfectly which also taste absolutely delicious? This is what we dream off right! More often than not, we all fall for it when we get a glance of such dishes.

However, it's not only for eating in the zero gravitation region, but the real moto for this kind of activity is also to conduct certain cooking experiments in the space. For now, we don't have any methodology to bake food out there so, you must be wondering how will they do it then? To clear your doubts, here is the way they will proceed. Hilton will be sending a special kind of oven which will be a prototype initially. This oven is designed with the help of  Zero-G Kitchen and NanoRancks

Zero-G mission is to set up a functional kitchen in the space, piece-by-piece. Whereas, NanoRacks takes this to the next level by claiming that space is the future for business and they want to provide their services there.


Putting everything into consideration, now, that day is not far when space tourism will soon become a reality. No doubt, if this goes as per Hilton expectations then they would not only create history by becoming the first hotel to conduct such kind of research but also, set up a benchmark for the hospitality company. 

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