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Introduction To HTML5

By siddhant on June 05, 2019
HTML is a HyperText Markup Language. It is the base language for making

web pages and web applications. HTML is not a case-sensitive language. HTML first came in 1991 and now HTML 5 version is going on.Image result for html 5

A Simple Webpage

 <!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Cyber Tech Warriors</title>

<h1>Welcome to Cyber Tech Warriors </h1>
<p>by Siddhant</p>



In the above Html code, we have different tags like:


This tag is used to start the HTML code by this code computer understands that this is HTML based web page. 


This tag is used to define that this is the upper part of the web page and we can also define background color or image of the website in the head but for that, we have to include <style> tag in the head tag.


As it's named represent that it is used to define the title of the web page.


The body tag is used to define the content of the web pages like any heading, any paragraph or any content.


This tag is for heading first which will be bigger in size as compared to other headings


This tag is used to put the content in paragraph and to change the paragraph.

HTML Links

<a href="https://cybertechwarriors.blogspot.com/">This is a link</a>

For adding link we use <a> tag and in that "href" attribute

HTML Images

<img src="Cybertechwarriors.jpg" alt="Cybertehwarriors.com" width="104" height="142">

<img> tag is used to add an image in the webpage

HTML Button

<button>Click me</button> 

For adding button we use <button> tag. The upper command will generate a button named 'click me'.



This will generate a list of three things: HTML, CSS, and javascript.


It is very easy to learn if anyone wants then he/she can learn it in 5 days and it is the most important language for making the webpages because it is the base. The best thing about learning HTML is that there is no need for any software you can code it on the notepad and save it in .html format.

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