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Over 2000 Malicious Apps On Google's PlayStore : Says New Research

By Harshit Satyaseel on June 26, 2019
Since the launch of the Android operating system, Google's PlayStore has played an indispensable role. Currently, the number of Play Store user are in millions thus making the most popular choice among customers all over the globe. Therefore, to satisfy the need of users, thousands of developers release a plethora of apps on the Play Store. Most of them are genuine but it's hard to police them all. 
As is it one of the best market places to establish an online app business, unfortunately, many developers use this in a wrong way by publishing malicious apps and they thrive it for their own fulfillment.
In a recent study performed by the researchers from the University of Sydney and CSIRO's Data61 inspected over a million apps on the Google Play Store for more than two years. The conclusion was astonishing as in the meantime, they uncovered more than 2,000 fake apps loaded with malware on the platform. 

You will be shocked to know the traps used in the apps. It was found that the most common technique used by these apps was an imitation of popular features and apps. Generally, the apps were designed to look visually similar to their legitimate apps. They were found copying things like title, app icon, as well as description text. 
The algorithms used by the researchers flagged around 7,246 plagiarised apps on the play store among that about 2,040 were claimed to have high-risk malware. While Google claims to have restricted such kind of publishing, on the other hand, it offers tons of flexibility and customizable features that allow almost anyone to build an app.
A statement was given by Dr. Suranga Senevirante who is the co-author of this study, she said the following.
There have been a number of problematic apps that have slipped through the cracks and have bypassed automated vetting processes," 
She also highlighted that our modern society is increasingly reliant on smartphones, misusing and overusing the facilities they offer. Furthermore, she also pointed out that our society is based on smartphone technology so it's important to find remedial measures to quickly detect and stop malicious apps before affecting the masses. Moreover, she also put her view in a dramatic way by telling that malicious acts have been existing since long and over the years, they had enough time to perfect the art of looking like a legitimate app. 


Well, this kind of activities must be curtailed at any cost and Google is actively working to resolve the problems. In another word, it's a consistent back and forth struggles for Google where they are trying their best to keep the platform open and safe to everyone, while still policing it for malicious actors looking to dupe people.

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