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Summary of a World's Best Selling Book (BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND) By Joyce Meyer -> Part-1

By siddhant on June 15, 2019
Today through this Summary, I will tell you the Importance of life and How you all can live your life to your fullest. Our life is the Best thing happen to us or it can also become the worst thing. It only depends upon us how we mold it. Don't run behind the money is it not important for happiness at all. Sometimes a Billionaire's also goes under depression and ruins his/her life and Sometimes a Person who doesn't even have a small house to live but he/she lives their life like a king with happiness.
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So let's start the part-1 of the summary of "BATTLEFIELD OF MY MIND". I will write it in points and you have to write each point every day in your life.

Worship to God makes your spirit pure and Spirit makes the mind good. Mind and Spirit work together and if our mind will be full of bad things that we can not connect to our spirit. (So worship every day. If you are doing it for 10 minutes then no problem but do it with HEART It will give you a piece of happiness). Don't allow your mind to move anywhere at any time, Control your mind. (Vitamin B and meditation helps in concentration)

Don't Wonder that things will go well or not. Leave it on god and think Positive that it will go well. (What we think in our mind, our mind act according to it and that will happen in real life)
  •  Believe in yourself, never give up. (If you will work with this strategy you will never fail in your life)
  • Use good words which leads to good thoughts, good thoughts lead to good spirit, good spirit leads to Bright future.
  • God is delivering you little by little do not get condemned and have patience. (Belief in God he is always with you)
  • Do not expect anything from God, only think that he loves me and rejoice every new day.  (Feel god in you and live with god)
  • Stay positive and Heads towards the one direction. (It will lead you to success)
  • Love all, Serve all(By Satya say, baba)
  • Help ever, hurt never. (By Satya Sai Baba)

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The last two Quotes is said by Satya Sai baba. Both of these are not in the summary but they are in my heart that's why I wrote them.

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To conclude, I Want to write two Quotes of me:
If you have a single penny in your account after your death, Then you had wasted your time in earning that penny 
Don't Search for happiness in a moment, Search a moment and make it happy

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