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Top 3 places to visit In India (may to july)

By siddhant on June 25, 2019
Today's generation work is full of imbalance which leads to bad stress and poor health. So what to do about it? How to create a balance between work and family.  Guess what! Holiday could be a solution and it is. 

Holidays bring joy, refresh and reenergize us from the day to day grind and hectic lifestyle. Therefore, having a short vacation is something you must look for but where is time. Well, a summer holiday perhaps? Yes, it is the best time to visit places and explore the world. 

In this article, I will take you to some interesting places that you can visit in India in the month of May, June, and July. I guarantee you will be overwhelmed with joy by visiting these places. Moreover, these places are still unexplored and very few people know about it so, believe me, they are literally sensational and peaceful.

1)  Leh & Ladakh

Bike Riding

It is the topmost place to visit in India. It is basically for youngsters. This is the only place in India which is harsh but yet it is very astonishing. 3 IDIOTS the Best film of Bollywood was shoot here. Now also, around the river, there is a prop of the movie and visitors used to take pictures with them.

Image result for leh ladakh 3 idiot
3 Idiots Props 

How we can go to this place from Delhi: First option is we can go by flight only in 1:30hr which will cost around 13k in these months.  The second option is from a car which will be the best way because you can enjoy that and if you have a Thar Jeep than it will be awesome. Car ride generally takes around 26hours.

Temperature: 3°C to 20°C

Adventures to do: Bike riding, Mountain climbing, trekking, jeep Thar.

2) Srinagar

Image result for srinagar
Dal Lake
It is the Best place I had ever visited. It has very beautiful places like Dal lake where you can live in hours boat and there is also a garden in the lake, There are many gardens with the most beautiful flowers and you can also visit Gulmarg which has ice part you can also do skiing there.
Image result for srinagar
Rose Garden

Best way to go from Delhi to Srinagar: you can also go by train to Jammu and then taxi or bus but that will be not a premium tour. So the best way to take a flight from Delhi only in 4k and in 1:20 hr you will be at Srinagar.

Temperature:15°C to 23°C

Adventures to do: Boating, Skiing, Trekking.

3) Assam & Meghalaya

Image result for assam meghalaya temperature
Root Bridge
It is the Best place in the west of India. You can do every type of fun there like riverside camping, cliff jumping, Zip lining, kaiki and lot of monuments and caves. If you love nature than it is the best place for you.
Image result for assam meghalaya temperature

Best way to go from Delhi to Assam & Meghalaya: You can travel from train to Guwahati and from there you can take a bus or cab to Meghalaya. It is the cheapest and the easiest way to travel to Assam and Meghalaya.

Temperature:20°C to 28°C

Adventures to do: Boating, Skiing, Trekking, kaiki, camping, paragliding.

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