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What is SSOID

By siddhant on June 05, 2019
Single Sign-On user id (SSOid) is created automatically for both staff and students to sign in to the intranet and U-wide IT services using one set of login credentials.
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This is the official site of sign in to SSOID.

In SSOID you can use much application and can do multiple things from a single sign like bill payments, Elazar, etc. there are categories in SSOID.

1 Govt Employees

    In this application are more than the citizen application for Govt Employees and others is the same as a citizen.


        For the citizen, there is less application as compare to govt employees by this login you can pay you all govt bills like electricity bill, water bill, etc.


This is beneficial for the public. Now we can do all the things from home by the internet only and everyone makes their SSOID because it will be mandatory in some time like adhar card and don't give your SSOID credential to anyone because by this anyone can access your whole life.

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