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What Makes ROLLS ROYCE So Special

By Sonal Parmar on June 26, 2019

When it comes to luxury, it is irrefutable to say that Rolls Royce had been the most favourable four wheelers among the billionaires from decades. But Why? Is there something special that none other car manufactures can offer or perhaps the sense of pride that this brand has forged over the years.


Well, you must be eager to know What is the history behind this name? When, where and who found this company? What is about this company which makes it worth cores? What is it about the ride of this car that makes royal? What is it about this company which sets a different standard in the automobile industry? Are these cars only royal or they also carry advance feature in them? If they have, what are them?
Here are the answers you're searching for.

Henry Royce who was an engineer and Charles Rolls who was a dealer of motorcar ship back then discovered the company ROLLS ROYCE in 1904. Later, a British defense company 'Vickers' bought Rolls Royce in1980. In 1998, Volkswagen and BMW both wanted to buy Rolls Royce. BMW was already supplying the engine and parts to the company. From 1998 to 2003 there was a lot of dispute regarding the ownership of the Rolls Royce between the two companies. Since a negotiation in 2003 BMW has its complete ownership. BMW made its headquarters is in Goodwood England and launched its first product in PHANTOM in 2003.

Henry and Charles launched SILVER GHOST in 1907 which received the title of the best car in the world and made a world record for non-stop motor run. Due to this world record, people started to look up to this company for reliability and comfort.


There is a lot of points that make these cars different from others but the most important thing is every single car of this company is hand made. Whats means is that so much of effort and energy is put for the production of this luxury. In this century of automation and robots, every company wants to have a large production in minimum time. Whereas Rolls Royce only has robots which do basic work just as painting primer on cars. Every other work that could be body, leather, seats, engine is done by workers themselves. It takes leather of 8-11 bulls &17 days to wrap the interior of one Rolls Royce car. 

Rolls Royce provides you 40000 color options including any other that you desire. In addition to this, it has 5 layers of colors and takes hours for polishing. Even the coach lines on the car are handmade. Rolls Royce converts your imagination into reality. Since everything is handmade, it takes about 2 months to build a single car. 

You all must have seen a logo at the top of the Royce, called Spirit of Esctasy. This symbol is a representation of the love affair. When is turned on, these symbols automatically comes out of the bonnet and goes back in when the ignition is turned off or in case anybody tries to steal it smart enough isn't it?

Rolls Royce has 8 speed and 12 clutches automatic transmission. Moreover, it has 8-speed DCT with Gps. This way the car already knows when any turn, incline/decline, traffic jam is on the way thus according to that it automatically changes the gear so there would be no harm to the comfort of the passenger. What a feature that you only dreamed off.

There is Teflon coated umbrella cambers on in both front sides. Rolls have heavy doors that why it has buttons for automatically closing the gates. Another super cool feature is the night vision system which allows for a safe night drive. The car consists of exceptionel speaker surround sound system with 18 speakers providing perfect tunes and sensation of music. The logo in the center of the alloys never moves no matter how fast the car is moving. Small things have been put in so many details. 


Currently, there are 5 products of Royce in the market; Phantom, Cullinan, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn. All the cars have V12 cylinder 8 valve petrol engine, power: 563-624 BHP, Torque: 820-900nm. Provides a mileage of 4.58-10.10 Kmpl. These cars have a top speed of 250 kmph. No compromise is done with the quality of the car and this is truly the perfection of hand produces with love and care.
Obviously, the price range of all the Rolls Royce lies between 5.25-10.48 Cr which a lucky person can afford but, who knows that lucky one is you in the near future.

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