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WhatsApp May Integrate Fingerprints to Every Messages: Government Demands

By Harshit Satyaseel on June 20, 2019

WhatsApp, a giant messaging company owned by Facebook Incorporation has always been argued for its safety, therefore, we have seen consistent changes from the incorporation in terms of safety, user interface and features that this platform offers which directly impacts more than a billion users of this app.

One of such safety feature that was introduced on the WhatsApp platform was End to End encryption which encodes the information thus curtailing the traceability of the origin of the message. While WhatsApp calls this as their privacy policy act and defends itself by telling that privacy is their utmost policy, government bodies like India take it in another aspect.

Since the release of the end to end encryption, the Indian government has been persistent on enforcing the company for the traceability of WhatsApp messages, even more after misguiding the masses by spreading misinformation on several topics that led to lynchings of hundreds of people in the country last year.
This is not the first time that the government have raised questions on this. Now, the Indian government has demanded to integrate a biometric feature that can aid in locating the origin of the information. In a published report by The Economic Times, the Indian government has insisted WhatsApp for adding a digital fingerprint with the message sent on its platform without breaking the encryption.
However, Whatsapp agreeing to all other demands of the government now refuses on this kind of trackability of the messages on the platform and assert that performing this will violate the end to end encryption on its platform and hence the privacy would not be an integral part of this messaging app.
In contrast to this, the government put their view this way. 
“Fingerprinting WhatsApp messages will aid them to find the originator of the message.

Furthermore, they said that their intention is not to read the messages but to capture the problematic messages that go on WhatsApp and forges serious complications on society. Doing this will assist them in tracing the sender. According to the report, the government wants from WhatsApp to find the technical way that can assist them in identifying the original source of a message. Such kind of demands was raised earlier this year when WhatsApp was found to be used as a platform for child abuse and pornography.
Whatsapp, responding to the traceability demands, said, 
"Building traceability function will violate end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp, creating the potential for serious misuse.

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