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Why Explainer videos are necessary for Online Business

By Harshit Satyaseel on June 15, 2019
Technology has boomed business marketing to another level and one of those is Explainer videos. In the era of modernization, where competition is at it's extreme and everybody is trying to fix his/her position, if you are someone who wants to overtake those flocks and shine in the heap of sheep then, this articles is for you.
Today, I will highlight what are Explainer Videos and tell you 5 important reasons why you should use them.
Motion Graphics Explainer Videos That Are Awesome

What are the Explainer Videos?

If you are among those people whose customers get fascinated when seeing an animated video then for sure this trick will work for you.
An animated explainer video is a small, entrancing marketing video that depicts what a company is providing to its customers in terms of services and solutions.
It explains the essential features among products manufactured by the company. Various companies now, have also started to deploy explainer videos as a key part of internal communication and have used it for onboarding & training purposes and presentations.
Companies like B2B and B2C segment both are using these kinds of attractive short videos to help them with their marketing and promotion that has now become one of the marketing strategies for most of the LLPsmall-scale companies, and startups. They may seem cartoonish, but it’s not easy to make them. We all have viewed these videos as an audience somewhere or the other, but various software tools and engineering is required to actually give them the look they appear to us using graphic design to heavy rendering stuff.

5 Reasons you should use them are:

The time that we spend online, surfing the internet, most of it is devoted to videos. This is the reason why explainer videos are gaining popularity day by day. Explainer videos provide an effective way of growing your business and advertising it in a most effective manner. This creates a necessity for the existence of an explainer video. Here are a few reasons why explainer video is essential in today’s scenario :

1. Google Search Rankings :

According to Google’s algorithm, the amount of time we stay on a website will decide its ranking in the Google search results. If your web page consists of a video, then surely there will be an increment in the time a person is spending on your website. Hence, the ranking of your website will improve. This is the reason why explainer videos are gaining popularity and more and more video stuffed pages are coming on the web. Adding effective topics and hotcake issues to the website adds up to the possibility of the improvement of the rankings.

2. Increased Sales :

Yes! Your sales will definitely improve if you are adding a video with your website, as a video has the capability of gathering a good amount of crowd and this is what we need.

3. The bond between the service provider and the viewer:

The videos seem to be more appealing and trustworthy to the viewers as compared to documentation. This is also one of the strong reasons why the rate of sales is increased to a good amount if you embed a video along with your website. This also creates a long-term service provider-customer bond, which is essential for any business.

4. Good explaining capability :

This is a fact that a visual aid definitely explains better than any documentation. What we see through pictures and graphical representations, we are able to gather it more accurately as compared to what we read. Just create a video about your product and the user gets to know everything about what your product is all about. Even difficult concepts can be explained in an easy and user-friendly manner.

5. Social Media Marketing :

A video can be a powerful tool for promoting your product using social media marketing. Just attach a social media share button to your website and the viewers will themselves share it on social media and this will increase the market reach and ultimately boost your sales.


It is true that the first impression is the last impression so, the way you showcase yourself or your company actually determines the quality, standard and position in the market. Using modern technology and digital marketing, one can really create a great impact on their targeted customers, the only thing that they need to keep in mind is the business and marketing strategy. Using explainer video can really do these kinds of stuff for you in an easy, quick and confident way without wasting a lot of money on advertisements and manpower marketing.

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