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5 New Amazing Whatsapp Features Coming Soon: Android and IOS

By Nancy Agarwal on July 01, 2019

WhatsApp is one of the most recognized instant messaging apps on both Android platforms and Apple platforms. Presently, WhatsApp is testing its latest features on the beta version for all users. To maintain the position of WhatsApp in the list of top apps, the company keeps on releasing new updates. Recently, it is being heard that 5 features of WhatsApp are lined up to get released and those features are described below:

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Here are the 5 upcoming Feature on Whatsapp

1. Unique QR Code

Every user will get their unique QR code to add contacts to their contact lists by scanning other one's WhatsApp QR codes.

2. Safeguarding of profile picture

WhatsApp’s latest feature of profile picture protection went spreading on Android and will be on Apple also soon. After this feature commencement the downloading of other’s profile picture. Although taking screenshots of users profile pictures will also be prohibited.

3. Cleaner Album Layout

Cleaner album layout feature will be soon there in WhatsApp’s Apple version. As soon as this feature is live, the platform of instant messaging will start placing multiple pictures in one bubble on WhatsApp Chats.

4. Sharing Whatsapp Status as Facebook’s story

Apart from the above features, one will be able to share WhatsApp story status updates straight to Facebook story status. By using API, Facebook’s data could be shared with WhatsApp. Later, Mark Zuckerberg is planning to amalgamate all social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook-owned by the company but for now, this new attribute is being tested on Android. Moreover, to make this feature watertight, the feature should be activated as soon as possible.

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5. Dark Mode Feature

One of the most awaited features of WhatsApp is dark mode. The biggest reason that fascinates dark mode is that white text on black background looks seamlessly beautiful. The Dark Mode has also been found as a smart step towards saving of battery life.

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