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China Plans For A Rover Launch To MARS in 2020

By Nancy Agarwal on July 09, 2019

On Sunday, China declared that the construction of spacecraft for China’s first mission to Mars in 2020 is completed. According to Chinese scientists, Mars mission 2020 of China comprises orbiting, landing and roving the Martian surface. In Conference of Space and satellite in Rizhao, Chief Chinese scientist, Ouyang Ziyuan announces that through this mission China will figure out life on MARS Planet. 

This mission is an unprecedented achievement which will also check the scope of future on Mars i.e. whether it is livable for humans or not shows the courageous spirit of Chinese of accepting challenges. Moreover, this mission will examine the atmosphere on Mars, magnetic and geological characteristics, which could provide proof for the evolution of life on Mars and the solar system.

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The newspaper “Global Times” also reported on Sunday that the launch will be done when the orbits of Mars and Earth are closest, which actually happens after every 26 months and also it lasts for about one month period. In Beijing, space exploration technology expert, Pang Zhihao, told about half successful missions out of total 40 mission since 1960 mentioned in NASA records. If in a hostile environment, the challenge is successful landing is only the beginning of the Mars rover's mission and also the devastating control of dust storms on Mars is comparable to Earth forces of 12 typhoons. Chen Jianxin said that:

"As a new generation of space engineers, we have mastered more powerful design tools. We hope also to achieve breakthroughs in innovation. Going to the far side of the moon is like climbing an unexplored mountain. We hope our lunar rover can make pioneering discoveries."

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