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NASA's Space Telescope spotted Three New Exoplanet: TESS

By Nancy Agarwal on July 02, 2019

USA: NASA’s Space telescope TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) found the tiniest exoplanet. The planet is smaller than earth and larger than mars in measurement. As we know, TESS keeps on knocking out with new planet discoveries every time. The most recent finding of TESS is tiny exoplanet called as L 98-59b. Moreover, the planet has its own star which is 35 light years away from the planet. The bright star is found to be orbited by L98-59b exoplanet and also about alongside 2 more exoplanets.

Yet, discoveries say these planets are sitting in the Venus zone where the circumstances can turn to be uninhabitable due to the runaway greenhouse gas effect NASA has the capability for fascinating future studies about the atmosphere on this type of planets. NASA will start research and study on all three planets to check their atmosphere existence and composition of gases on this planet.

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As a whole, it is not recorded accomplishment research for NASA. This just shows that TESS can spot multiple exoplanets and through this, it raises hope of detecting some rocky worlds. Either it is also not about extrasolar life. The information will be helpful to understand “why planets become habitable or devolve into Venus-like hells capes”.

According to the journal published in The Astronomical Journal, NASA’s prime task will be to research completely on these three exoplanets.Dr. Veselin Kostov said that this discovery by NASA’s TESS is a great scientific accomplishment.

About all these discoveries, it is published in papers in The Astronomical Journal are mentioned below.

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