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Personal life on social media: Social Life

By Nancy Agarwal on July 04, 2019

Candle seems so bright and it gives light all around but ever you thought how much it has to burn itself to reciprocate that light towards you. Similarly, people show their life happening and perfect on social media. They post their traveling pictures and daily life pictures. But really is the situation the same that seems to be on their social accounts?

Social Media is a complete suspicious secret model who understood it, will never misunderstand anything. Social media also starts triggering despondence while people start comparing their life with others life. Moreover, social media posts present a romanticize genre of how things are happening, what the things deem like, or what’s going. This usher one to constantly compare their life and themselves to other people’s life.

How Social media affects personal life?

We’re human, therefore we need and crave attention, validation, love, acceptance, and the list goes on. There are many actual reasons why people share things on social media, Actual truth is, everyone knows why they share reminiscences on social media. One has to just dig little deeper and understand 'why' they ultimately do that. People may want someone to see that their life is bright, just to make people belonging to them feel right.

One should never be envious of other glorious lives. People mark their friends posting happy pictures of themselves at far-flung locations and humblebragging their personal lives and as a result, end up feeling their life standard doesn’t measure up. Everyone’s real life on social media and in actual differ majorly but still, people fall into trap of understanding others life is perfect as on social media. Anyhow, they start considering their lives inferior. Considering the below-mentioned quotation, one can get a better picture of the article.

"The grass really, really isn't greener."

The conclusion is that every people smiling in front of you may have a deep sea of sorrow. So try to smile with a welcoming gesture rather than showing up a harsh face. May their smile inspire you or vice-versa?

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