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5 Most Important Topics in Digital Marketing to Learn in 2019

By Sonal Parmar on July 02, 2019

If you are someone learning Digital Marketing, then you must need to know what topics you should command? Before we start what should you learn in 2019 to master digital marketing, let us know what this Digital Marketing term is all about. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

In simple words, Digital marketing is a part of marketing only where an advertisement is delivered through the digital medium. In other words, the marketing is done digitally for instance, when you give an advertisement via Google or Facebook or Instagram. 

This all comes under digital marketing. Most people usually wonder about if there is any kind of compulsion of eligibility criteria while pursuing digital marketing as a carrier option. Well, there are none. There is no compulsion like only people with a science background can do it or from commerce. Anyone can choose digital marketing as a carrier option.

Many different courses are covered under Digital Marketing. By covering these topics you can have a game-changing carrier in digital marketing. The top most important topics in digital marketing are listed down below:

1. Content Writing

Content Writing is a digital marketing activity with the greatest commercial impact. It is the most highly paid job profile currently and is going to be the same in the future. What is the content? When we go online, type something in search of a product or activity. The result or the information which is shown in return is nothing but content. It might be a blog, article, E-book or the Instagram / Facebook feeds or any video, these all are the pieces of content. 

Content Marketing is to provide correct information to your user in the right amount of time. It's a very interesting subject to get started with.

2. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's one of the most important topics in Digital Marketing. If you are from the digital marketing field or blogger you'd know the importance of digital marketing. Nowadays people only read about it, this is a topic which you need to practice on the ground a lot right from the scratch. 

When you search for something on the engine, the results which are shown in return, those pages are called SERP Search Engine Result Page. If you're one of the sellers or owner of the e-commerce website, you'd like to display your website on one first or second page because 70% of the buying decisions are done from the first two result pages. SEO is a technique which is used to maintain your webpage or website on the top of the search result list.

3. Social Media Advertisement or Google Advertisement 

This module covers the fundamental of advertising via social media or Google itself. One of the most important social media advertising platforms is facebook. You get 3 an audience of 3 billion users on Facebook. There are 3-4 important sub-modules in google ads like paper click ads, online display ads, shopping ads, etc. Practice in such subjects is more important than your certification.

4. Wordpress

Wordpress is a web development platform or content, management system. If you need to build a website for your business or for your product or for your client or customer. It is a weapon for people with no coding or programming knowledge to create their websites.20- 35% of Digital Marketing is running on Wordpress. It is very easy to use. It has a template or layouts which can easily be used to make your website just by selecting and dragging. It is also one of the most critical topics to know about while marketing digitally.

5. E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce is highly penetrating in the Indian market. All the business and market has now shifted to online portals. Everything is done online. From purchasing to selling, everything comes under E-commerce. No one likes to go out shopping. 

The payment options like Paytm, Google play, Bhim made it very easy for the customer to purchase everything online. Even the current shops on the sheet are going to convert their business on the e-commerce portal. This is the future of marketing. It is the right time for the sellers to go online and make their e-commerce portals.


These are the five most crucial subjects to cover for being successful in digital marketing. Just learning about them won't help, you need to practice them as well. Also, tell us about your e-commerce website down below in the comments.

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