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Until we meet again : Feelings in form of words

By Nancy Agarwal on July 11, 2019

Until we meet again those special memories of yours will always give me strength.

If only I could get one more chance I would ask you to say goodbye with a smile.

The fact that I won't have you around kills me every moment because you always meant a lot. 

No matter how much time passes by, I always will feel lucky to be for you.

Will always miss our plans and reminisce about our laughs and talks and memories. 

Can never forget those stupid arguments and the way you used to pretend.

At times, your pepping me up whenever I was sad and then making me understand the bad. 

At times, your doing things in your way and make me realize the reality.

At times, you acted harsh on the outside but I saw the caring grim inside

At times, you have shown up to be mature by the mind but also can't deny the fact of your being kiddish by heart.

Of every lesson I have had with you, I will just want to sing it for life.

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